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Just simple


The status bar provides the typical APP information as time, battery, reception, ...

User interface

The presentation of the intuitive GUI will be adjusted depending of the device


The well-arranged menue can be easily reached via the typical icon.


Via the option button the individual settings can be configured.

iPhone Lovion APP - show nav


iPhone Lovion APP Home-Screen

Modular design

Thanks to the modular structure of the Lovion APP, similar to the Lovion BIS, the individual products can be individually selected and flexibly expanded to meet new requirements.

  • Lovion VIEW APP
  • Lovion TASK APP
  • ...


The Lovion APP can be used on smartphones and tablets for both android and iOS. The APP can be easily installed over the Apple Appstore. The easy-to-use user interface of the APP adapts to the available size of the respective end device, but we recommend a minimum resolution of 360px x 640px for optimal use.


Mobile information

iPhone Lovion VIEW APP

Mobile field information on android and iOS devices

The need for fast and uncomplicated provision of maps and data on smartphones and tablets is becoming increasingly important in many areas. In addition to easy access to the company's own network data managed in the geoinformation or business information system, more and more work processes have to be supported, most of which are carried out in the field. The Lovion APP SERVICES - part of the Lovion WEB product line - is a server platform specifically designed to support mobile processes.


  • address navigation
  • parcel navigation
  • object navigation
  • GPS navigation
  • layer control
  • Save bookmarks as views
  • measurement features
  • object editors
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Mobile tasks

Mobile task processing

Access to master and graphic data is available via the Lovion APP server and can be made both in the LAN and via an Internet connection (e.g. UMTS). In order to be able to access data without a network connection, a separate offline mechanism was developed for master and transaction data.


  • Maintenance/repair
  • fault management (outages)
  • meter change
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iPad Lovion TASK APP


Time recording

available as of version 6.7.1


  • intuitive time recording with set-up, driving and working times
  • Order-related hour entries in the time recording sheet
  • Consideration of wage-relevant working times

Mobile time sheet

Time recording takes place in the Lovion TIME SHEET APP in the context of task processing. The employee is able to document the processing times directly after completion of the task. The times at the beginning and end of the task can be saved automatically. In addition, the times recorded in the APP are transferred to an electronic time sheet when compared with the server.

With this function, the employee is shown the tasks last processed by him and can view the processing and any interruption times with and without direct relevance to the accounting.



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